Chapter 18 - Chapter 18 1 What concerns did immigrants have...

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Chapter 18 1. What concerns did immigrants have in migrating to the U.S.? fear of the unknown, promise of American life 2. What problems could they face? no money, no food, no shelter 3. What changes were taking place in America? Industrialization, new technology, corporations 4. What were the consequences of these changes? Low wages, long hours, child labor 5. Where do we get the term The Gilded Age, and how did Philadelphia typify it? Term taken by title of novel by Mark Twain, people were earning $1 a day and couldn’t go in to see the exposition of 1876 6. What shift took place in American production? 1870-1900 US transformed from agriculture and merchants and artisans to world’s foremost industrial power producing more than 1/3 of the world’s manufactured goods 7. What role did technology play in industry? Factories no longer had to be by rivers now with steam engine, machines substituted for workers skewing the balance of power in the work place to employers 8. What affect did electricity have on American life and science? Working longer hours, increased standard of living, brought about light bulb which changed US from technology borrower to technology innovator 9. Why did the corporation provide the framework for the transformation of the American economy? Corporation could live on longer after its founders had died, stability in products that were across nation not just one town 10. How did the corporation affect the nature of work and urban areas? Huge corporation needed huge supply of capital and turned to banks for need and banks grew in response, corporations stimulated technological change as they looked for ways to speed up production and improve products and lower costs, as the grew they generated new jobs 11. What were the exceptions?
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Southern textile manufacturer tended to locate plants in villages and small towns on the outskirts of larger cities 12. What is vertical integration? Companies buy means of productions and distribution to lower
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Chapter 18 - Chapter 18 1 What concerns did immigrants have...

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