Chapter 17 - Chapter 17 1 What sorts of issues did African...

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Chapter 17 1. What sorts of issues did African American women face? Unequal by race and gender 2. Who was Anna J. Cooper? Former slave, got doctoral degree from France 3. Why is she important? Firm believer in the role of women in striking down white supremacy and male domination, immersed in woman suffrage movement 4. What did the South do to rebuild? Built factories, railroads, and textiles 5. Explain the reasons for white supremacy in the South at this time. To keep African Americans in a slave capacity, to yield change 6. How was the New South new? Through its new economy 7. What was the Solid South? How did it come about? Period of white Democratic Party rule that lasted into the 1950s, Democrat’s purged most black people and some white people from the electoral process and suppressed challenges to their leadership 8. What activities were women involved in? Clubs, civic work, reform, preserving and promoting memories of the war 9. What economic issues were those in the South concerned with? Dependent on the north for goods 10. Were those concerns dealt with successfully? Yes by building railroads, factories, and growing cities 11. What factors led to a growth in the Southern textile industry? Steady stream of cheap labor, lots of cotton, entrepreneurs 12. What is the story behind Coca Cola? What were reactions to it? Pemberton produced to be a good tasting cure for headaches, made from caffeine coca leave and cola nuts and a mixture of oils, southern Baptists warned against it b/c “the more you drink the more you want to drink” 13. How did railroad growth affect the South?
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Easily connected farms to urban cities to international markets, easy transport of goods among the south 14. Was the South becoming more rural or urban? Urban 15. How did Southern growth compare to the North? Kept pace with the booming north 16. How did low wages undermine the South’s economy? Demand was low limiting the market for southern goods, little tax revenue restricting fund for services like public education, low- skilled labor-intensive industries flourished 17. How did it affect education? Less tax money going into school systems, south full of less
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Chapter 17 - Chapter 17 1 What sorts of issues did African...

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