D103 sample midterm from f2007_post-HO

D103 sample midterm from f2007_post-HO - Bio D103: Cell...

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Bio D103: Cell Biology Dr. Salme Taagepera MULTIPLE CHOICE (2 points each) 1. Which of the following statements about glycosylation is NOT correct? A) Glycosylation promotes proper folding of proteins in the ER B) Glycosylated proteins are found in the nucleus C) Glycosylation stabilizes proteins on the membrane surface D) Glycosylation can be initiated in the Golgi through O-linked glycosylation E) The initial sugar unit added to proteins in the ER is partly synthesized in the cytosol 2. The following is FALSE about eukaryotic lipid bilayers: A) Cholesterol decreases membrane fluidity B) Lipids undergo extensive lateral diffusion C) Lipid rafts contain high levels of sphingomyelin and cholesterol D) All of the above statements are true 3. Action potentials are unidirectional because A) Ligand-gated K+ channels are only stimulated at one end of the neuron B) Voltage-gated Na+ channels open quickly C) Voltage-gated K+ channels open slowly D) Voltage-gated Na+ channel undergoes a refractory state E) B, C and D 4. According to the FRAP data below, what fraction of labeled membrane proteins are diffusing freely? A. 30% B. 40% C. 70% D. 100% E. There is insufficient data to answer this question © 2007 Salme Taagepera, PhD All rights reserved. 1
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Bio D103: Cell Biology Dr. Salme Taagepera 5. Which of the following proteins is NOT involved in the retrieval of ER resident proteins? A) COPI B) A complimentary v-SNARE/t-SNARE pair C) KDEL-receptor D) ARF E) All of the above are involved in ER protein retrieval from the Golgi 6. What determines transporter directionality for passive carriers? A) ATP availability B) Electrochemical gradient of solute C) Ion selective filters in the aqueous pore D) A and B E) None of the above 7. Post-translational transmembrane transport requires A) bound ribosomes B) fully folded proteins C) activity of chaperone proteins D) GTP E) B and C 8. The mitochondrial F 0 F 1 ATP Synthase
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D103 sample midterm from f2007_post-HO - Bio D103: Cell...

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