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1.1 and 1 - M316K Section1.1 AdaptiveBeliefs:...

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M316K Section 1.1 - Adaptive Beliefs: It helps students approach math with a positive and confident atti- tude. - Maladaptive Beliefs: It prevents them from thinking of learning as an evolving and en- joyable process. - The idea of pattern permeates all fields of mathematics. - Math is needed to answer questions about dimension (3D), quantity (“how many”), un- certainty (“how long will I live?”), shape (quilts), and change (in population) - Process Standards: refers to Standards 6-10. They are “the standards that cut across all content areas in mathematics and that should be alive in virtually every lesson”. - People use mathematics for various purposes: - To persuade a boss that our idea will make money - To persuade a potential customer that our product will save money - To predict--tomorrow’s weather or who will win the election Section 1.2 - Problem Solving: - Grope-and-Hope: random trial and error - Guess-Check-Revise: active thinking in trial and error -
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