1.6 and 1.7 - M316K Section1.6:Communication

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M316K Section 1.6: Communication - Communication and understanding go hand in hand. Two distinct kinds of communication that you need to be aware are: - Communicating with yourself about the problem-- that is, being able to make sense of your own strategies and solutions. - Communicating with other people-- sharing your observations and solutions and being able to understand others’ observations and solutions. - If you understand the notation and terms (digit, place value, row, column, etc), then two things are more likely to happen: (1) you can reduce ambiguity and confusion in mathematical conversations. (2) you are more likely to understand fully the mathemat- ical structures being presented. - Learning by Communication: When we bring communication into the learning process-- by having students work in small groups, by having students explain how they solve a problem, by having students justify the steps in their solution-- the students are more likely to “own” the knowledge they gain. -
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1.6 and 1.7 - M316K Section1.6:Communication

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