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Annieky Yip M316K Section 1.3 - Mary Baratta-Lorton published a book for elementary teachers called Mathematics Their Way : “Looking for patterns trains the mind to search out and discover the similarit- ies that bind seemingly unrelated information together in a whole. .. A child who expects things to “make sense” looks for the sense in things and from this sense develops un- derstanding. A child who does not see patterns often does not expect things to make sense and sees all events as discrete, separate, and unrelated.” - Patterns are not the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; rather, patterns are the rain- bow that leads to the pot of gold, which is the mathematical structure. - One aspect common to all patterns (whether geometric or numerical) is that there is repetition - Examining this repetition, we find an underlying structure or organization. - Understanding structure enables us to make generalization, which in turn enables the suers of this knowledge to do more powerful math
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