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NTR Highlight 3 - Nutrition306...

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Nutrition 306 Highlight 3: Common Digestive Problems (Causes and Treatment) - Choking : - (Cause) It occurs when a piece of food slips into the the trachea and becomes lodged so securely that it cuts off breathing. - (Effects) Without oxygen, the person may suffer brain damage or die. - (Treatment) If the choking person can still make sounds, you still have time to decide on what to do but whatever you do DO NOT HIT THE PERSON ON THE BACK because it can cause the food to be lodged more firmly in air passage. If the choking person cannot make a sound, call for help and per- form the Heimlich maneuver. - Constipation: - (Causes) It is a symptom, not a disease; it may occur because of a person’s lifestyle (being too busy), side effect of medication or may reflect a medical problem such as tumors that are obstructing the passage of waste. - (Treatment) Increase dietary fiber to 20-25 grams per day over the course of a week or two, drink plenty of water, exercise for 30 min a day, eating prunes, and respond promptly to the urge to defec- ate. (it all depends on person to person because one regime can help one person and worsen anoth-
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