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Psychology Lecture #6 February 10th Hypnosis Hypnosis History: - Franz Antione Mezmer: He studied religion then law then medicine. He has a lot money because of the rich women he married and time. He can play the glass armonica (like a piano with petals that had the sound of wine glasses rubbing the rim). A court astrologer discovered a primitive magnet and came to one of Franz’s parties; the astro- loger showed Franz the magnet and Franz thought that it would help people with ill- nesses. There was a women that was upstairs at the party with a hysterical illness (she always fainted) and she believes that Franz cured her when he rubbed her with the stone. Doctors did not like Franz (origninally from Germany) so he moved to France and they demanded to know how the magnet worked. But he didn’t know how it worked, so he was evaluated by all the great scientists and found it did not work. So later, Franz re- tired to Switzerland and spent the rest of his life learning and finding out about mesmer-
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Unformatted text preview: izing.-Theory of Animal Magnetism : Natural force in the body that are ruled by the stars and if the stars were not aligned then people would have illnesses and need to align the stars with the magnets.-Hysterical illness: people who have physical illnesses but they don’t work in the same way that normal “physical” illnesses do. -Ex: hysterical blindness; a person will not be able to see an ax coming at them but will avoid spikes on the floor. -But people liked and believed in the rock. Mesmerizing started as a cure (a tonic. .. wa-ter that had the stone in it.) then it changed to hypnotism (when you get around the wa-ter, you get sleepy (from the guy with nice trees and his gardener) and no pain (from a surgical doctor that was trying to find something like an anesthetic. convinces people that will not think of pain as the bad thing and just as signals))-There are no special tests for hypnosis to see if it works....
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