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Psy lecture 5 - PsychologyLecture#5 Perception February5th...

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Psychology Lecture #5 February 5th Perception Overview: Perceptual Set All Gestalt principles All constancies Major illusions and why they work: Ponzo, moon, Muller-Lyer, Ames window, Zollner - You have to learn how to see and feel. - Perceptual Set: You have to get used to what you see. - Example of feel: “dead finger” (your and partner’s finger) - Example of see: Triangle of words “Paris in the the spring”.. but many see “Paris in the spring” - Secret of Life: You make your own world. The world around you is what you plan it to be. If someone tells you that you have to help each other go over the bar, then you - Gestalt principles : trying to understand why we have perceptual set; don’t take the title of the rule as being that you understand what it means. - Rules: - Proximity: We see things as separate or together depending on spaces. - Ex: cho pho use : chop house - Similarity - Continuity: we tend to see things that are continuing on.
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