psy lecture 7 - PsychologyLecture#7 SleepandDreams...

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Psychology Lecture #7 February 19th Sleep and Dreams --Things that are on the dream quiz is what you need to know There is no real evidence that shows animals need to sleep when you work more. - (ex) Cats sleep a lot: 14 hours; while horses sleep for 2 hours even though they seem to work more. - Only evidence that has produced for sleep was in 2006 for an herbivore: the bigger than an- imal, the less they sleeps We have 4-5 dreams per night. - Elias Howe (invented the sewing machine) - Had a dream: Indian people had a hole in their spear. - He realized that the hole had to be in the front. - Frederich Aust Kekule (invented a model for chemical bonds) - Had a dream: About a snake and grabbed itself by the tail and formed a ring - He realized that benzene (a molecule he couldn’t make work) needed to form a ring for the model - Darwin and Wallace (evolution, - Wallace had a (fever) dream: all about evolution - Wallace told Darwin and credited the Wallace in his paper. - Bohr (Bohr model) - Had a dream: about sun revolving - A corporal in WWII <<--- Hitler (survived) - Had a dream: about a nightmare where a bomb would have fallen on him and dirt was suffocating him and he was bleeding. -
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psy lecture 7 - PsychologyLecture#7 SleepandDreams...

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