Lecture 11-Main topics

Lecture 11-Main topics - Lecture 11 Main topics Egg white...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 11 Main topics Egg white and foams (see McGee p.101-2, including figure). Enzymes are catalysts (compounds that make reactions occur faster). Enzymes are specific for various substrates. They convert a substrate to a product, example invertase splits sucrose in fructose + glucose. Protein Hydrolysis (in the body). Food proteins are denatured (during cooking and by acids in the stomach), then hydrolyzed in the stomach and small intestine. Enzymes that hydrolyze proteins are called proteases or proteolytic enzymes. The released amino acids are then absorbed, and pass to the bloodstream. Absorbed amino acids can be incorporated in the proteins needed by the body. Proteases are not involved only in digestion of foods, they have also application in foods (ex.: in meat tenderizers). Protein Quality. It depends on protein digestibility and amino acid composition. Not all proteins are well digested and used by the body. Proteins differ greatly in proportions of essential and nonessential amino digested and used by the body....
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