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Statistics 13C Homework # 7 (Part 1) For discussion, Tues, 11/18/08 F. J. Samaniego From the text: (hypothesis tests dealing with μ) Chap. 9: Problems # 6 , 7, 11, 13 (treating the stated value of s in each problem as if it were σ). Also, solve the following problems: 1. Local TV weather forecaster Seymour Storms appears to overestimate the chances of rain. In investigating this rumor, the station manager decides to keep track of X, the number of rainy days out of the next four days for which Seymour predicts a 2/3 chance of rain. (Note that X ~ B(4, p), where p = the probability of rain.) The manager plans to reject H 0 : p = 2/3 in favor of the alternative H 1 : p = 1/2 if X ≤ 1. (a) Compute the probability α of type I error using this test. (b) Compute the probability β of type II error using this test. 2. The distance that a randomly chosen state worker commutes to work is thought to be normally distributed. Two legislative analysts disagree on the exact distribution of this random variable. One believes that it is N(10, 4),
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