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Stat13F08HW7b - Statistics 13C F J Samaniego Homework...

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Statistics 13C Homework # 7 (Part 2) For discussion, Tues, 11/18/08 F. J. Samaniego From the text: (hypothesis tests dealing with μ) Chap. 10: Problems: # 5, 7, 113; (two sample tests for means) Chap. 9: # 18, 21; Chap. 10: # 34, 91; (tests for p) Chap. 9: # 30, 39; (two sample tests for proportions) Chap. 9: #45, 63. Also, solve the following problems: 1. Last year, School Superintendent Frieda B. Mee changed the curriculum in her school district. Ms. Mee’s students took three standardized tests per day. Last year, 46% of the students in her district scored above grade level on the statewide test. This year, in a random sample of 256 students from Ms. Mee’s district (the sample size required by the state’s “bonus” program), 128 students scored above grade level. Let p be the proportion of Frieda’s current students who score above their grade level this year. In order for Ms. Mee’s school district to qualify for a $100,000 bonus, the district must demonstrate a statistically significant improvement in students scoring above grade level. Test the hypothesis H
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