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Stat 13 - HWK #8 - F08 - : Horticulturist Flora Plentie has...

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Statistics 13C Homework # 8 For discussion, Tues, 11/25/08 F. J. Samaniego (Two sample tests for proportions) Chap. 9: #45, 63; (Regression Analysis) Chapter 12, # 7, a – c, 15, 20, 27a. Also, solve the following problems: 1. In a random sample of 100 UCD freshmen taken this fall, 63 opined that Stat 13 should be required of every UCD undergraduate (with the possible exception of the students in their particular major). Last year, 70 out of 100 randomly selected freshman held the same view. Test the hypothesis that the proportions of freshman from these two classes are equal, against a two- sided alternative, at α = .05. For Questions 2 and 3
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Unformatted text preview: : Horticulturist Flora Plentie has been studying the relationship between the age X of a papaya tree and its height Y. Her latest data is shown below: X (age) 1 2 3 4 5 Y (ht.) 5 7 9 10 14 2. Test the linearity of the relationship between X and Y, that is, test the hypothesis H : = 0 against H 1 : at significance level .05. 3. Assume that the hypothesis H : = 0 above has been rejected. Obtain the least squares regression line for predicting the height Y of a 1-5 year old papaya tree on the basis of its age X. What is your prediction for the height of a 3 and year old papaya tree?...
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