Correction to Part d, Problem 25, Assignment 2.

Correction to Part d, Problem 25, Assignment 2. - less than...

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Part d) In this part of the problem you will use the Kb equation as follows to determine the hydrogen ion concentration and then calculate the pH from that.: K b = [HPO 4 = ] [OH - ] PO 4 The last pK a for phosphoric acid is 12.32. The pKb = 14-12.32 = 1.68/ Take the antilog of 1.68 to get the K b , which is 2.1 x 10 - M. (Since the concentration of the base (.2 M) is
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Unformatted text preview: less than 100 x the K , you cannot ignore x in the denominator. . K b = x 2 .2 M - x pOH = - log {OH] = 1.16 pH = 14 1.16 = 12.84 If use the quadratic equation to solve for x, Correction to Problem 25, Part d. (Correction is shown in red. I had mistakenly used the pKa instead of the pKb.)...
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