Syllabus - Feb 13 Enzymes – active sites ΔH ΔS Feb 16...

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BIS 102: Biochemistry Structure/function of biomolecules Winter Quarter, 2009 LECTURE SCHEDULE Date Topic Jan. 5 Introduction to biochemistry; properties of H 2 O; pH; weak acids and bases. Jan. 7 Buffers; polyprotic acids Jan. 9 Amino acids – structure and properties Jan. 12 Amino acids – R groups Jan. 14 Peptide linkage; oligopeptides Jan. 16 Amino acid sequence determination; separation of amino acids Jan. 19 HOLIDAY Jan. 21 Protein structure – primary structure Jan. 23 Protein structure – secondary structure Jan. 26 FIRST MIDTERM EXAM Jan. 28 Protein structure – tertiary structure; myoglobin Jan. 30 Protein structure – quaternary structure; hemoglobin Feb. 2 Hemoglobin as a blood buffer Feb. 4 Molecular evolution and diversity of proteins Feb. 6 Protein folding and modifications Feb. 9 Enzymes – active sites Feb. 11 Enzymes – active sites; chymotrypsin example
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Unformatted text preview: Feb. 13 Enzymes – active sites; ΔH, ΔS Feb. 16 HOLIDAY Feb. 18 Enzymes – assays; Michaelis-Menten equation Feb. 20 Enzymes – reversible inhibitors; Lineweaver-Burke plots; irreversible Inhibitors Feb. 23 SECOND MIDTERM EXAM Feb. 25 Cellular glycans; structure-function Feb. 27 Lipids – classes, fatty acid components March 2 Lipids – in vitro experiment March 4 Membranes – composition, fluidity March 6 Protein purification – initial steps March 9 Protein purification – column chromatography; IEF gels March 11 Protein purification - native PAGE gels, SDS-PAGE gels March 13 Repair modifications for misfolded proteins March 16 Membranes – transport across; cytoskeleton; Course summary March 19 THURSDAY FINAL EXAMINATION 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Science Lecture Hall, Room 123...
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Syllabus - Feb 13 Enzymes – active sites ΔH ΔS Feb 16...

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