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Unformatted text preview: FALL QUARTER 2008 FST 117 STATISTICS LOCATION Robert Mondavi Institute Sensory Wing Lecture Hall 5:00 — 8:30pm MONDAYS or TUESDAYS LECTURER: Mike O'Mahony Room 2032 R.M.I. Sensory Wing PHONE: 756 5493 OFFICE HOURS: phone 756 5493 anytime between 8am and Midnight. DO NOT USE E-MAIL TO CONTACT LECTURER, IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE DELETED USE THE PHONE: Date Sept 29/30 Oct 6/7 Oct 13/14 Oct 20/21 Oct 27/28 Nov 3/4 Nov 10/11 Nov 17/18 Nov 24/25 Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Why use statistics? Measures of central tendency and Dispersion. Types of scale. Normal distributions. Binomial tests. The logic of statistics. Chi-squared. t-tests Confidence intervals Introduction to Analysis of Variance. One factor completely randomized design. Multiple comparisons. Analysis of Variance. Two factor design with and without interaction. Analysis of Variance. Three and four factor designs. Fixed and random effects models. VETERANS' DAY WEEK. NO CLASSES. USE OF COMPUTER Correlation and regression.. Assignments Hand In Do Read problem problem book set set chapters 1 —4 Appendix A 5 1 Appendix B 6— 7 2 Appendix D 8 — 9 3 Appendix C 1 2 3 4 10 — 11 4 12 — 13 5 Appendix F Manual p100 6 15 7 Chapter 16, pp 327 - 332 Manual 224 — 228, 16 8 Manual 200 — 223, 239A-256 8 5 Dec 1/2 Dec 9 10 Ranked two-sample difference tests and ranked ANOVA Power Deadline to hand in final homework 6, 7 11 This course is a strict prerequisite for FST 127 and is a pre- or co-requisite for FST 107; it may be taken during the same quarter. The course will be assessed on sampled problem sets and short spot tests during classes. All problem sets must be completed on time; late homeworks will not be accepted. Each problem set is of equal value except the computer homework which has double value. Consult TA for your progress. The problems are given in the manual. The problem sets are as follows: Set 1: A2, Bl, B2, B3, Cl, D2, D3, D6 Set 5: Kl, 1(2, K3 Set 2: El, E2, Fl, F3, F5 Set 6: computer problems to be set )(-2_ Set 3: Gl, G3 Set 7: LI, L4, L6 Set 4: H1, J2, J3 Set 8: M2, N1, Pl, P2 VERY IMPORTANT: If you do the wrong problems, you will not get credit. Take care to make sure you do the right ones. Answers to problem sets will be given on the noticeboard in RMI Sensory Wing. Make sure you consult it. WARNING Any evidence of copying will be regarded as cheating and will result in failure of the whole course. ...
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