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Problem Set 09 Solutions p. 1 of 9 MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Department of Physics 8.02 Fall 2008 Problem Set 9 Solutions Problem 1: Magnet Moving Through a Coil of Wire Suppose a bar magnet is pulled through a stationary conducting loop of wire at constant speed, as shown in the figure below. Assume that the positive direction for flux is to the right. Assume that the south pole of the magnet enters the loop of wire first, and that the center of the magnet is at the center of the loop at time t = 0. (a) Sketch qualitatively the magnetic flux B Φ through the loop as a function of time. Here the field points to the left through the loop at all times, so the flux is negative and the plot of flux vs. time looks like: t (b) Sketch qualitatively a graph of the current I in the loop as a function of time. Take the direction of positive current to be clockwise in the loop as viewed from the left. The current will first oppose a leftward flux by going clockwise. It will then oppose the loss of leftward flux by going counterclockwise t
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