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Term Paper Topics on Welfare Economics of Biofuel Policies (1) U.S. consumption mandate versus blend mandate: theory versus implementation (2) Carbon credits and global warming and Kyoto (3) Interaction between U.S. ethanol and sugar policy (4) Life-cycle accounting and sustainability standards (5) U.S. ‘Splash and dash’ with biodiesel (6) Instability: mandate versus tax credit (7) Interaction with farm subsidies (8) Achieving “Energy security” (9) Carbon tax
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Unformatted text preview: versus mandate (10) Caribbean tariff rate import quota (TRQ) and rent seeking (11) Interaction with CAFE standards (12) Impact on technological change (13) Impact on rural development (14) Developing countries and subsidies for fuel (15) Implications for renewable energy policy for wind and solar (stimulus tax credits) (16) Multiple mandates (corn versus cellulosic) (17) Distribution of benefits between ethanol and corn producers 1...
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