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PART III Organizational Applications 396 7. Transaction Processing, Functional Applications, CRM, and Integration 8. Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Resource Planning 9. IT Planning and Business Process Redesign ± CHAPTER 9 IT Planning and Business Process Redesign TruServe 9.1 IT Planning—A Critical Issue for Organizations 9.2 Strategic IT Planning 9.3 Information Requirements Analysis, Resource Allocation, Project Planning 9.4 Planning IT Architectures 9.5 Some Issues in IT Planning 9.6 Planning for Web-based Systems and E-Commerce 9.7 Business Process Redesign 9.8 The Role of IT in Business Process Redesign 9.9 Restructing Processes and Organizations 9.10 Organization Transformation and Change Management Minicases: (1) Oregon’s GIS Plan / (2) National City Bank LEARNING OBJECTIVES After studying this chapter, you will be able to: ± Discuss the importance, evaluation, and approaches to IT planning. ² Explain the four-stage model of information sys- tems planning, and discuss the importance of aligning information systems plans with business plans. ³ Describe several different methodologies for con- ducting strategic information systems planning. ´ Describe information requirement analysis, proj- ect payoff and portfolios, resource allocation, and project planning. µ Identify the different types of information technology architectures and outline the processes necessary to establish an information architecture. Discuss the major issues addressed by information systems planning. · Distinguish the major Web-related IT planning issues and understand application portfolio selection. ¸ Describe the need for business process redesign and the methodologies for doing it. ¹ Explain the IT support for processes redesign and BPR, and describe redesign efforts, successes, and failures. º Describe organizational transformation and change management related to business processes redesign.
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397 HOW TRUSERV PLANNED ITS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY THE PROBLEM TruServ Corp. ( ) was created in 1997 by the merger of Cotter & Co. and Servistar Corp. TruServ, one of the largest hardware suppliers in the United States, has annual wholesale sales of about $5 billion, which supports sales of some $15 billion retail. A major challenge was to merge the information systems of the two companies. The two systems were completely different, so their integration was a major problem for TruServ. THE SOLUTION To do the integration, Paul Lemerise, CIO of TruServ, relied on a strategic IT plan. Lemerise turned first to Ernst & Young, a major CPA/IT consultant with which he had worked before on external auditing. He created a planning team that in- cluded the consultants and executives from the two merging companies. Lemerise did not include IT executives because he wanted strong input from the business side. He felt that he and the consultants knew enough about IT to represent the interest of the IT managers.
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Chapter 9 - PART I I I Organizational Applications 7...

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