8BFall07Final - Chemistry 8 B Winter 2007 Final Saturday...

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1 Chemistry 8 B Winter 2007 Final Saturday March 17, 2007 Instructor: Lievens This exam contains fourteen (14) pages and thirteen (13) problems. Please make sure that your copy contains all fourteen (14) pages. If there is a problem, please tell the exam administrator prior to beginning. Please answer all questions. Remember that UCDavis Code of Academic Conduct applies to this exam and all other graded work in this class. Name: ________________________________________________________________ Last First MI Student ID. # __________________________________________________________ T.A./ Lab Section: ______________________________________________________ Page # Points Page # Points 2 8 3 9 4 10 5 11 6 12 7 13 Total (201)
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2 1. Vocabulary: Fill in the blank or circle the correct word in bold. (26 pts) A) The presence of a nitro (NO 2 ) group on a benzene ring during electrophilic aromatic substitution makes the ring electron rich / electron poor and _______________ the rate of reaction. B) For formaldehyde the carbonyl / geminal diol form is more stable in the presence of water. C) A meta director in electrophilic aromatic substitution has how many possible resonance structures in the intermediate? _______How many are “bad” structures?______ D) The ___________________________ is a reaction where an ester can be both a nucleophile and an electrophile and react with itself. E) A ___________________ is a carbohydrate with five carbons. F) The reaction of carboxylic acid derivatives where a nucleophile replaces a leaving group is a _________________________________ reaction. G) ____________________ is a polysaccaride that serves as an energy storage molecule for plants. Humans can / cannot digest it. H) A _______________________ fatty acid contains multiple alkenes I) A _______________________ contains between 2 and 50 amino acids. J) ___________________ and ______________________ are two forms of secondary structure in proteins. K)
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8BFall07Final - Chemistry 8 B Winter 2007 Final Saturday...

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