In class notes for October 5, 2007

In class notes for October 5, 2007 - Introduction to...

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In class notes for October 5, 2007 The net profit from glycolysis was 2 ATP For every glucose we start with, we make 2 GTP So we’ve made 4 ATP-like molecules After the complete oxidation of glucose, the energy is stored in NADH and FADH 2 The utilitzation of this energy is called oxidative phosphorylation The energy is stored in the proton chemical gradient The first stage of oxidative phosphorylation is to build up this gradient The second stage, ATP is made from GTP This takes place in the mitochondria All the proteins are inside the inner mitochondrial membrane Oxidation of NADH to NAD + o Restores NAD + for recycling o Molecular oxygen eventually reduced to water o The overall effect is that 2NADH + O 2 + 2H + → 2NAD + + 2H 2 O o This makes A LOT of energy o ∆G°’ = -52.6 kcal/mol (NADH) o The electrons are passed releasing energy that is used to pump about 10 protons. The protons are pumped out of the mitochondria and into the cytosol, which builds up the proton gradient. o This is called the Electron Transport Chain Electron Transport Chain o It is necessary to release energy of NADH in packets, protons are pumped one or two at a time. o NADH provides two electrons initially. One molecule of Oxygen will have to accept 4 molecules when converted to water, most components of the chain can only hold 2. They must be stored. o We have to convert FADH 2 o Electrons are passed through integral membrane protein complexes. The elctrons are carried fom pone complex to the other by two carriers o Complex 1- NADH is converted to NAD + . The electrons are transported to a small
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In class notes for October 5, 2007 - Introduction to...

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