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In class notes for October 8, 2007

In class notes for October 8, 2007 - = = rate NH3rate HCl...

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General Chemistry Lecture 102a In class notes for October 8, 2007 Chapter 5 OWL due Thursday at 11:59 pm Exam #2 a week from Thursday Don’t say a word! Last Lecture o Partial pressures, mole fraction o Kinetic Theory (Assumptions) Today o Kinetic Theory Slight Derivation o Effusion and Diffusion Kinetic Theory o See A Demonstration o Effusion Rate of diffusion is proportional to Urms
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Unformatted text preview: = = rate NH3rate HCl Urms NH3Urms HCl 3RTMWNH33RTMWNH3 See B Ammonia should go faster in the tube, and a ring should form on the HCl end of the tube The rate is proportional to the distance the gases travel. Ammonia ring should appear 42.5 cm from the HCl side See C...
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