Lecture 6 Class notes

Lecture 6 Class notes - This song was written for his...

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Lecture 6 January 29, 2009 The Teen Market -Teenie Boppers The wild days of rock and roll seemed to be over Personal misfortune of the first generation of rockers Backlash against rock music by parent’s groups, racist groups, the mainstream music industry, and the government Between approximately 1959 and 1964 (when the Beatles invaded America), rock music became more polished, sedate, pop-oriented, and dominated by teen idols -The Penguins “Earth Angel” Doo-woop Style with emphasis on vocal harmonies Originated on street corners in NYC and Philadelphia (The Penguins were from LA) Influenced many generations of black artists (more recentley Boyz II Men) Sparse recording, emphasis on the vocals I-iv-IV-V chord progression, AABA form -Paul Anka “Diana” Teen idol Wrote “My Way” a hit for Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley” Also wrote hits for Buddy Holly, Annette Funicello, and Donny Osmond
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Unformatted text preview: This song was written for his babysitter I-iv-IV-V chord progression; AABA form-Johnny Mathis Chances Are #1 hit in 1957 Pop crooner (carried a tradion typified by Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby) 1958 Greatest Hits compilation stayed on the Billboard album charts for almost ten years AABA form-Dick Clark American Bandstand TV show premiered in 1957, airing from Philadelphia Lecture 6 January 29, 2009 Teenage girls in particular responded Brought a respectability to rock that didnt exist with the rockabillies Fueled teen idol and dance crazes Survived 1959-60 payola investigations-Chubby Checker The Twist Stage name inspired by Fats Domino Released 1960 Eventually sold 70 million singles Exemplified dance crazes of the late 50s and early 60s 12 bar blues Strong back beat...
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Lecture 6 Class notes - This song was written for his...

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