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Lecture 8 Class notes

Lecture 8 Class notes - Lecture 8 February 5 2009 The Folk...

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Lecture 8 February 5, 2009 The Folk Music Revival -Roots of 1960s Folk Music trend Traditional Appalachian Folk music (“old time music”) - Descended from English, Irish, and Scottish song traditions - Played on stringed instruments (banjo, guitar, violin) Allen Lomax recordings and Henry Smith compilations of diverse folk forms - Delta blues, Appalachian hillbilly music, etc - Influenced a generation of musicians 1940s: Almanac Singers - Formed by Pete Seeper and Woody Guthrie, two godfathers of the folk movement Seeper’s bond the Weavers’ “Goodnight Irene” (written by Leadbelly) a hit in 1949 - Career ended by McCarthy era blacklist Woody Guthrie “This Land is Your Land” - Grew up in Oklahoma, moved to California during the Depression o Observing the poverty of the migrating Dust Bowler - “Skies” influenced him greatly - Fused music and political activism o Outspoken leftlist social critic also blacklisted during the McCarthy era o Bob Dylan’s hero, inspiration to 60s folkies - This is his best known song, written in 1940 o Strophic form typical of folk music o Originally a protest song
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