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LatheControlTips - JANUARY 2001 CONTROL PANEL Revised on...

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1 CONTROL PANEL JANUARY 2001 Revised on 6-01-01 HAAS LATHE CONTROL TIPS GENERAL TIPS D Cursor Searching for a Program - When in EDIT or MEM mode, you can select and display another program quickly by entering the program number (Onnnnn) you want and pressing either the up or down cursor arrow or F4 . D Searching for a Program Command - Searching for a specific command in a program can be done in either MEM or EDIT mode. Enter the address letter code (A, B, C, etc.) or address letter code with the value (X1.23), and press the up or down cursor arrow. If you enter just the address code and no value, the search will stop at the next use of that letter, regardless of the value. D Spindle Command - You can stop or start the spindle with FWD or REV any time you±re at a Single Block stop or a Feed Hold. When you restart the program with CYCLE START , the spindle will be turned back on to the previously defined speed. D Coolant Pump - The coolant pump can be turned on or off manually while a program is running, by pressing the COOLNT button. This will override what the program is doing until another M08 or M09 coolant command is executed. This also applies to the chip conveyor.
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2 CONTROL PANEL JANUARY 2001 D A Block Delete - Takes effect four lines after that key is pressed when cutter compensation is in use, or two lines later when cutter compensation is not in use. D Block Look-Ahead - This control actually does look ahead for block interpretation, up to 20 blocks. This is not needed for high-speed operation. It is instead used to ensure that DNC program input is never starved, and to allow Cutter Compensation to have non-XZ moves inserted while Cutter Compensation is On. D Memory Lock Key Switch - This is a customer machine option that prevents the operator from editing or deleting programs, and from altering settings when in the locked position. Since the Key switch locks out the Settings, it also allows you to lock out other areas within the settings: Setting 7 locks parameters: Parameter 57, 209, and 278 lock other features. Setting 8 locks all programs. Setting 23 locks 9xxx programs. Setting 119 locks offsets. Setting 120 locks macro variables. D Chip Conveyor - The chip conveyor can be turned on or off when a program is running, either manually using the control keys or in the program using M codes. The M code equivalent to CHIP FWD is M31, CHIP REV is M32, and CHIP STOP is M33. You can set the Conveyor Cycle time (in minutes) with Setting 114, and the Conveyor On-Time (in minutes) with Setting 115. D Transferring an MDI Program - You can transfer and save a program in MDI to your list of programs. When in the MDI display, make sure that the cursor is at the beginning of the MDI program. Enter a program number (Onnnnn) that±s not being used. Then press ALTER and this will transfer the MDI data into your list of programs under that program number. D
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LatheControlTips - JANUARY 2001 CONTROL PANEL Revised on...

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