examples machining forces

examples machining forces - mu = F/N 0.84 Friction angle...

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Cutting forces cutting force 266N thrust 47N doc 2mm feed 0.2mm dia 25mm rake 30 Frictional forces F = Ft cos alpha + Fc sin alpha N = Fc cos alpha - Ft sin alpha 40.70 133.00 230.36 23.50 173.70 206.86 Friction coefficient
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Unformatted text preview: mu = F/N 0.84 Friction angle tau = atan mu 0.70radians 40.02degrees shear angle phi = 45 - tau/2 + alpha/2 39.99 shear stress Fs = Fc cos phi - Ft sin phi Sd = Fs w t1/ sin phi...
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