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1. What is head start? a. A federal program begun in 1965 as a legislative effort to break into, and alter, the poverty cycle. b. It is a comprehensive preschool program providing healthcare and nutrition services to families, including special needs children. 2. Who was the author of the first picture book? a. Orbis Pictus by John Amos Comenius (1592-1670) 3. What are the four domains used in research for documenting development. a. Physical b. Cognitive c. Social d. Emotional 4. Who started the fist kindergarten in the United States. a. MRS. Carl Schurz b. Watertown, WI in 1855 5. Sputnik a. This brought about new awareness of, and concern for, strong academic training. b. Educational improvement became top priority in the United States. c. Begin educating children at an early age. 6. A high quality early childhood program places a priority on the professional development of the staff. 7. Quality child care can predict a. Academic success b. Adjustment to school c. Reduce behavioral problems 8. Important principles for supporting play include a. Childs choice b. Let children determine how long they play
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c. Provide activities and materials that challenge every level of skills
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