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508 Lectura 1 descripción - SPN 508K Primavera 2009...

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SPN 508K Primavera 2009 Lectura 1: “Segunda carta de relación” por Hernán Cortés Paso 1. Imagine that you are a conquistador or explorer from the Sixteenth Century. After many dangerous experiences at sea, you finally discover a new land that nobody from your country or continent knows about. Your fame is assured by this one discovery. In order to document what you see, you must write a letter to your king and queen describing what you have found and how it may be beneficial to their kingdom. Knowing that this document will live throughout history and represent you, your homeland, and the people and places that you have discovered for the rest of time, think about what kind of language you would use to describe your findings. What kinds of words would you utilize in order to paint a picture of the different things that you see? In English, write three or four sentences about the type of language that you would use to describe a new land. Remember that photographs, digital cameras and the internet do not exist! I would give detailed descriptions of my geological findings. I would describe various locations as being west, north, south or east. When describing a feature. of the location, such as mountains, I would estimate their height in feet, and compare their sizes to those in my own country. Paso 2. Piensa en la geografía de tu Estado o la de tu ciudad natal. ¿Cómo es? En la tabla siguiente, escribe diez sustantivos en español que nombren las formas de la tierra, el agua y la vegetación. Después, en la segunda columna, escribe diez adjetivos en español que describan las palabras de la primera columna. Por ejemplo, puedes escribir en la primera columna, montaña, y en la segunda columna, majestuosa . Sustantivos Adjetivos 1. playas bonitas 2. árboles de palmeras altas 3. lagunas salados 4. cuevas oscuros 5. ríos grande 6. islas pequeño 7. manantiales fríos 8. costa largo 9. canales peligrosas 10. lago numerosas Paso 3. Ahora, vas a leer parte de “La segunda carta de relación” por Hernán Cortés. Como el conquistador de México, Cortés escribe esta carta al rey de España, Carlos V, en el año 1520. En
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508 Lectura 1 descripción - SPN 508K Primavera 2009...

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