bio110reviewprelim1 - Course Goals: How your body works....

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Course Goals: How your body works. The creative process of discovery. How we know what we know The relationship between bio and society KNOW THYSELF I am what I eat: the big picture: digestive, respiration What is life? Life is a mixture of atoms or Something more (soul?) Living things take in food, amino acids turn to muscle protein Reproduce with near perfect vitality Move (don’t have to be pushed) Cell is the basic unit of living things What is science? “exploring the frontiers of the unknown” pluses and minuses of many experiments – cant really plan b/c its unknown must of the greatest discoveries were accidents – need to have a prepared mind Minkowski – pancreas diabetes Flemming – penicillin Cannon – fight or flight when looking xrays of stomach movement of cat Where did life come from? Atoms formed (he and h) Fusion of he and h atoms created light kept going until star exploded Had formed carbon, oxygen other stars, kept exploding, kept making heavier metals Were basically made of stardust (Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen) Can form amino acids with electricity and 4 elements in an experiment RNA may be the original molecule of life (enzyme acts as a catalyst) Doesn’t store info very well, too much oxygen DNA is more stable because its deoxyribose Proteins are better catalysts because they have more amino acids (4 to 20) DON’T KNOW CHEMICAL MAKEUPS – KNOW HOW SIMPLE IT IS TO MAKE COMPLICATED MOLECULES IN THE LAB AND HOW
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bio110reviewprelim1 - Course Goals: How your body works....

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