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Actual prelim questions - 3.1 Carbon atoms found on earth...

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3.1 Carbon atoms found on earth were synthesized: 1) by the breakdown of water in lakes 2) during the first second of the big bang 3) by photosynthesis 4) in the interior of stars and we are all formed from stardust 5) by respiration 3.2 Proteins are better catalysts than RNA because 1) RNA contains more phosphate than proteins 2) RNA is acidic 3) Proteins contain nitrogen 4) there is more diversity in the nucleotides than in the amino acids 5) there is more diversity in the amino acids than in the nucleotides 1.1 The cell is the basic unit of life because 1) it is midway between the biosphere and an organic molecule in size 2) it is the smallest unit capable of exhibiting the fundamental characteristics of life 3) it was discovered by Robert Hooke in 1665 4) it contains the nucleus 5) Dutrochet, Schleiden and Schwann said so more than a hundred years ago 4.9 ________form the major barrier to the movement of ATP, sugar and proteins across membranes: 1) Proteins 2) Carbohydrates 3) Nutrients 4) Lipids 5) Salts 4 Carbon dioxide and water are combined to make carbohydrate in the: 1) Chloroplast 2) Nucleus 3) Mitochondria 4) Endoplasmic Reticulum 5) Golgi Apparatus 2.6 Estimate the volume of blood pumped through the heart in a day using dimensional analysis assuming the volume of blood pumped through the heart in one beat is 100 ml. The heart beats 60 times/minute, there are 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day. There are 1000 ml in a liter. 1) 144 liters/day 2) 8640,000 liters/day 3) 8640 liters/day 4) 8.64 liters/day 5) 360 liters/day 5.6 Based on calorimetry alone, meat, potatoes, bread and sugar are better foods than fruit and vegetables because: 1) they contain fewer calories per kilogram 2) they contain more calories per kilogram 3) they contain vitamins, A, C, D, E, K 4) they contain fewer acids 5) they are filling 8.17. The villi and microvilli are structural features that 1) Minimize the surface to volume ratio 2) Remove pollen from the respiratory tract 3) Cause plaques in arteries 4) Maximize the surface to volume ratio
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5) Prevent undigested food from coming up the esophagus 8.14 Bile is 1) Produced in the liver 2) Produced from damaged red blood cells 3) Gives the color to feces 4) A compound that emulsifies fats 5) All of the above 8.15. Lipids are __________ by bile. 1) polymerized 2) synthesized 3) sterilized 4) pasteurized 5 ) emulsified 9.3 A sugar molecule takes the following path after it passes from the small intestine: 1) Hepatic portal vein, liver, vena cava 2) Liver, lung, heart 3) Left heart, right heart, lung 4) Pancreas, gall bladder, liver 5) Large intestine, stomach, esophagus 6) 7) 22.3. A_______________is a tissue within the anal canal made up of muscle and elastic fibers and is rich with blood vessels. 8)
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Actual prelim questions - 3.1 Carbon atoms found on earth...

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