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Answers to Prelim 1 2008 1. Living organisms are characterized by which of the following physico-chemical and biological features? All of the above. 2. Materialism is a philosophy: stating that life can be explained in terms of chemistry and physics. 3. Alexander Fleming’s Nobel Prize winning discovery of penicillin is an example of: an accidental discovery. 4. Amino acids can only be created under prebiotic conditions when: a carbon source and a nitrogen source is included in the mixture 5. In 1665, Robert Hooke, the discoverer of cells, called the individual units in a tissue of cork cells because: they were as empty as a monk’s apartment. 6. A protein that catalyzes biochemical reactions_________ is known as an enzyme. 7. ________form the major barrier to the movement of ATP, sugar and proteins across cellular membranes: Lipids 8. The ____________ is the organelle whose primary function is to carry the hereditary material. nucleus 9. Black tongue disease is an animal model for: pellagra. 1
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10. James Lind cured and prevented scurvy by giving sailors: lemons. 11. Based on calorimetry alone, meat, potatoes, bread and sugar were considered to be better foods than fruit and vegetables because: they contain more calories per kilogram. 12. Nicotinic acid was named niacin by the bread makers and flour manufacturers so that the vitamin would not be associated with tobacco. 13. High levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and low levels of good cholesterol (HDL) are associated with a diet rich in_____________________. trans fatty acids
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Prelim_1Key - Answers to Prelim 1 2008 1 Living organisms...

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