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Rushabh Sheth 105900225 BUS 351 Case Study- The Future of Work This article is about the current job market, and how a lot of the jobs are being out sourced to other countries like India, and China. This article is especially about Mark Ryan and Sab Maglione and how they are in completely different situations. Mark is a manager who manages 100 technicians for Verizon Communications in California, while Maglione is a computer programmer. According to the article, Sab lost his job to the people from India and China that he helped train. Since the level of education is about the same all over the world, being smart is not enough. You also have to be able to something that other machines or humans can’t do. Like Mark, who manages, and has tons of personal interactions with his technicians. You need a unique ness to your work. A lot of jobs are being out sourced for many different reasons. The main one is
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