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case study 1 - its employee loyalty by letting them keep...

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Rushabh Sheth 105900225 BUS 351 Case Study- Xerox In 2000, Xerox was losing money fast. They were $17 billion in debt, and its stock prices were tumbling. They decided that they would get back to prominence by going back to their commitment to quality. They shifted away from making small copiers, and started to go back to building office copiers and high-end printers. The future stilled looked very bleak, until the company decided to create “eXpress yourself” to help distinguish Xerox as a workplace. Xerox trained all of its valued employees, and helped
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Unformatted text preview: its employee loyalty by letting them keep their retirement benefits if they meet some incentives. They built from within their companies. They developed people through internal training and set up a two-month management course that included everything that they would need to know as managers. Soon enough, with the help of their newly trained employees they got out of their dry spell....
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