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exercise_cardio_topic_6 - The Cardiovascular System Anatomy...

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The Cardiovascular System: Anatomy Review: Blood Vessel Structure and Function 1. Name the three layers or tunics of the blood vessel wall and what they are composed of. Location Tunic name Composed of Innermost Middle Outer 2. In the following list of characteristics, put “A” for artery, “C” for capillary and “V” for vein: ___ contain the lowest pressure ___ contain the highest pressure ___ has thick tunica media ___ thin tunica media ___ smallest of the blood vessels ___ carries blood away from heart ___ largest lumen—blood reservoir ___ has only one tunic (intima) ___ carries blood towards the heart ___ site of exchange of nutrients 3. Name the three groups of arteries: 1. ___________________ 2. ___________________ 3. ___________________ 4. ____________ arteries have a thick tunica media with the greatest amount of elastin. They also experience the greatest pressure and the widest variation in pressure. The best example is the ________________. 5. Compared to the arteries above, the muscular arteries have more smooth muscle but less ___________.
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