obj - PH 1110 OBJECTIVES Term A, 2007 In any course, some...

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PH 1110 Term A, 2007 OBJECTIVES In any course, some confusion may exist as to what the instructor really feels is the important material. It is the intent of these objectives to remove this ambiguity. Mastery of these objectives should result in success in this course. To judge if you have mastered any objective, you should be able to: i) Read the objective with full understanding of the terms and implications. ii) Create your own problems which require all the operations stated in the objective for a complete solution. iii) Solve such problems correctly. STUDY GUIDE 1 1. Express numerical answers to the correct number of significant figures using scientific notation. Convert units from one system to another. 2. Distinguish between scalar and vector quantities; determine the magnitudes of scalar and vector quantities. 3. Determine graphically the sum of two or more vectors. 4. Convert vectors from magnitude/direction form to component form, and vice versa; add and subtract vectors analytically by using their components. 5. Define unit vector; solve for the unit vector parallel to any given vector.
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obj - PH 1110 OBJECTIVES Term A, 2007 In any course, some...

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