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The Immune System: Innate Host Defenses 1. Name the two major categories of innate (nonspecific) defenses: • _______________________________________ • ________________________________________ 2. Surface barriers include the ____________ and ________________ of the respiratory, gastrointestinal and genitourinary tracts. 3. List the three properties of skin that help it resist invasion: • ___________________________ • ___________________________ • ___________________________ 4. The mucus membranes not only provide a barrier, but they also produce a variety of protective chemicals. For example, the stomach secretes _____________ enzymes and has a very _____ pH. The respiratory and digestive tracts are lined with ___________ that traps pathogens. 5. Once the surface barrier has been broken, the second line of defense, the innate internal defense system (nonspecific defense system), attempts to limit the spread of pathogens. Name the 5 components of the innate internal defense system: • ___________________________ • ___________________________ • ___________________________ • ___________________________ • ___________________________ 6. Neutrophils and monocytes/macrophages (monocytes develop into macrophages in the tissue) are the two types of phagocytes discussed. Answer the following questions by circling the correct answer. Which phagocyte is most abundant? Neutrophil or Monocyte Which phagocytizes more pathogens? Neutrophil or Macrophage Which cell is not found in healthy tissue? Neutrophil or Macrophage
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7. A phagocyte recognizes and binds to molecules found on pathogens using special membrane receptors, such as the ______________ receptor and the ___________ (____) receptor. 8.
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exercise_immune_topic_3 - The Immune System: Innate Host...

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