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The Immune System: Common Characteristics of B and T Lymphocytes 1. Shared features of B and T lymphocyte function include: • _______________________________________ • _______________________________________ • _______________________________________ • _______________________________________ 2. Lymphocytes must distinguish between normally occurring internal antigens called _________________ and those external to the body. The ability to distinguish between the pathogens depends on the ________________ of the lymphocyte antigen receptors. 3. Specificity of B and T cells depends on their ability to recognize ___________ ______________. They have the ability to do this because their surface is covered with 10,000 to 100,000 __________________________ receptors. All of these receptors on a specific B cell are identical; thus, the cells bind optimally with only one _______________________. 4. The antigen receptor on a B cell is an immunoglobulin, which is Y-shaped and basically a membrane bound ___________. 5. The T cell receptor recognizes antigen fragments housed in cell membrane proteins called “________________________________” (_____) proteins. 6. The immune system can develop receptors for a specific antigen before that antigen enters the body.
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exercise_immune_topic_4 - The Immune System Common...

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