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The Immune System: Humoral Immunity 1. Antibodies can be found on the plasma membrane of ________________ (where they act as antigen receptors) or free in the extracellular fluid, here they are known as ______________________________. 2. Antibodies consist of two types of polypeptide chains: • Two _________ chains—located on the inside of the Y-shaped molecule • Two __________ chains—located on the outside of the Y-shaped molecule The chains are held together by _____________ bonds. 3. Each chain has a ____________ region which is unique for each antigen and a ___________ region which is the same for each antibody in a given class of antibodies. 4. Each arm of the Y-shaped antibody has identical ____________________ sites. The shape of these sites must match the shape of the _______________________ on the antigen in order to bind. 5. The stem of the Y-shaped antibody determines how it will interact with other components of the immune system. Complete the following examples given in this topic: • Whether the antibody remains ____________ to the B cell • Whether it activates the ______________________ system • Whether it acts as an ____________________ to promote phagocytosis • Whether it can be joined with other antibodies to form a ______________ (pair) or _______________ (5 antibodies) • Determines the _________ pattern—how it travels through the body 6. Name the five classes of antibodies, each with a distinct type of stem: • _______ • _______ • _______ • _______ • _______ 7. Complete the list of four contributions of IgG antibodies:
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exercise_immune_topic_5 - The Immune System Humoral...

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