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The Muscular System: Contraction of Motor Units 1. Define a motor neuron:_______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 2. Define a motor unit: _________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 3. The synapse between a motor neuron and the muscle it innervates is called a __________________________. 4. The stimulation of additional motor units will increase the strength of the contraction. This process is called _______________________. 5. The muscles of the eye need to make precise small motor movements. Therefore, you would find (large
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Unformatted text preview: or small) motor units in the eye. The muscles of the thigh exhibit gross movements for walking. Therefore, you would find (large or small) motor units in the thigh. 6. How is muscle tone maintained in the muscle? ___________________________ _________________________________________________________________ If the nerve to a muscle is cut, what will happen to the muscle?_______________ ________________________________________________________________ 7. What was the size of the motor units required in the arms and legs of the offensive player so that he could make the basket? (Quiz section) arms _________ legs __________...
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