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The Muscular System: Contraction of Whole Muscle 1. Which of the following contract in an all or none fashion? a. Whole muscle b. Single muscle fiber 2. The development of tension in a muscle, in response to a stimulus above  threshold, is called a _______________________________. 3. Identify the three phases of a muscle twitch from the following definitions: a. Sarcomeres shorten _______________________________ b. Sarcomeres return to resting length __________________________ c. Sarcomeres at resting length _______________________________ 4. a. Temporal summation results from: b. In temporal summation, you must ______ ( or ) the time interval between  stimuli. 5. Below is a list of the five phases of temporal summation. Put in the correct  order and describe each stage.
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Unformatted text preview: Order Stage Description Fatigue Incomplete tetanus Treppe Complete tetanus 6. In the Motor Unit Summation section, how many motor units were required to lift the weights when: a. the weight was 160? ______________________ b. the weight was 80? _______________________ 7. In the next lab simulation, what was: a. the threshold stimulus? ______ V b. voltage when recruitment was obvious? ______ V c. voltage when all motor units were recruited? ______ V 8. a. In the Length-Tension Relationship experiment, at what degree of stretch was the maximum tension developed? _______________________________ b. What would congestive heart failure be an example of? _______________________________...
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exercise_muscular_topic_6 - Order Stage Description Fatigue...

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