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The Nervous System: Ion Channels 1. What structures in the cell membrane function as ion channels? 2. Ion channels are selective for specific ions. What three characteristics of  the ions are important for this selectivity? a. b. c. 3. Channels can be classified as either gated or nongated channels. A sodium channel that is  always open would be classified as a/an __________channel.  4. Would sodium ions move into or out of the neuron through these channels?  _______________ 5. Voltage-gated potassium channels open at what voltage? __________ mV 6. Acetylcholine (ACh) and GABA are neurotransmitters that open chemically-gated  channels. What ions pass into the cell when these channels are activated? a. ACh: ________________________ ions b. GABA: ________________________ ions 7. Ion channels are regionally located and functionally unique.  List all the areas on the  neuron and the type of potential dependent on the following types of ion channels:
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Unformatted text preview: Channels Areas on the neuron Type of potential Nongated Chemically-gated Voltage-gated 8. From the quiz, place an X by the characteristics of voltage-gated sodium channels. ______ Always open ______ Found along the axon ______ Important for action potential ______ Opened and closed by gates ______ Found on the dendrites and cell bodies ______ Important for resting membrane potential 9. Name two channels (gated or nongated) through which chloride ions could pass into the cell through. a. b. 10. a. The Japanese puffer fish contains a deadly toxin (tetrodotoxin). What type of channels does this toxin block? _______________________________ b. What potential would this toxin block? ___________________________ c. What specifically would cause death? ____________________________...
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exercise_nervous_I_topic_3 - Channels Areas on the neuron...

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