exercise_nervous_II_topic_5 - generate and their action...

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The Nervous System II: Synaptic Potentials and Cellular Integration 1. Enhanced postsynaptic potentials are due to increased _______ entering the  terminal as a result of ____________________________________. 2. Presynaptic inhibition is due to decreased _______ entering the terminal as  a result of ____________________________________. 3.  a. Synaptic potentials are also known as ______________ potentials. b. They _____________ as they travel away from the synapse. 4. a. Increasing the number of action potentials on an axon in a given period  of time would cause __________________________ summation. b. Increasing the number of synapses from different neurons would cause  __________________ summation. 5. The magnitude of the EPSPs may be reduced (thus affecting their ability to 
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Unformatted text preview: generate and their action potential) by adding _______________________ potentials, or ____________________s. 6. Inhibitory synapses would have the maximum effect if located where? ___________________________ 7. From the quiz, how many impulses did it take to cause an action potential: a. From the axon the furthest away from the cell body? ___________ b. From the axon located on the cell body? ___________ 8. Pulses from how many neurons were required to stimulate the postsynaptic neuron? _________________ 9. Compare action potentials and synaptic potentials: Action Potential Synaptic Potential Function Depolarization/ hyperpolarizations Magnitude...
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exercise_nervous_II_topic_5 - generate and their action...

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