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The Respiratory System: Pulmonary Ventilation 1. a. The relationship between pressure and volume is known as _________ Law. b. Indicate the relationship with arrows below 1 . volume ____ pressure 2 . volume ____ pressure 2. Mark “I” for the muscles that control inspiration and “E” for the muscles which control forceful expiration. a. ____ Diaphragm b. ____ Internal intercostals c. ____ External oblique and rectus abdominus d. ____ External intercostals 3. Intrapulmonary pressure ____s ( or ) during inspiration. 4. a. What pressure is always negative and helps to keep the lungs inflated? ______________________ pressure b. It is most negative during _____________________. 5. a. If transpulmonary pressure equals zero, what will happen to the lungs?
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Unformatted text preview: ______________________ b. This is known as a _____________________. 6. a. When the bronchiole constricts, what will happen to resistance? ____ (use arrows) b. To airflow? ____ (use arrows) 7. Name two other important factors that play roles in ventilation: a. b. For 8 through 10 fill in constrict or dilate , then and arrows: 8. Histamine will ____________ bronchioles ____ resistance ____ airflow 9. Epinephrine will ____________ bronchioles ____ resistance ____ airflow 10. Acetylcholine will ____________ bronchioles ____ resistance ____ airflow 11. Fibrosis will ( or ) ___ compliance making it __________ to inflate the lungs. 12. A decrease in surfactant will result in a ____ ( or ) in compliance....
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exercise_resp_topic_2 - ______________________ b. This is...

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