Chapter1 - Chapter 1 What is Psychology Module 1.1 1 What a...

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Chapter 1- What is Psychology Module 1.1 1. What is psychology? a. Systematic study of behavior and experience. 2. What are the 6 themes that arise in psychology? a. “It Depends” i. To know what an issue depends on. ii. No one reason explains behavior fully. iii. People rarely do anything for just one reason b. Research Progress depends on good measurement i. Measuring behavior more accurately is very important to increase knowledge. ii. There is a faster increase in knowledge on topics such as sensory processes, learning and memory because measurements are more accurate. iii. There is slow progress on topics such as emotion and personality because there is a difficulty in measuring. c. Correlation does not indicate causation. i. A correlation between two things does not tell us whether or not one caused the other. d. Variations Among Individuals Reflect Both Heredity and Environment i. People differ from one another because of heredity and environment. e. Best Predictor of Future Behaviors is Past Behavior in Similar Situations. i. The way a person might act in the future may be similar to how he/she acts now. f. Some Statements in Psychology Reflect Stronger evidence than others. i. New research is conducted because of the may things we don’t know ii. People still reflect strong opinions even when evidence is weak and incomplete. 3. What are the three methods in which psychology is motivated by philosophy? a. Free will Verses Determinism i. Scientific approach is about the immediate cause of an event, rather then the overall cause.
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ii. So scientists act on determinism, which is the assumption that everything that happens has a cause or determinant in the observable world. iii. The deterministic view is against our views where we think that we have the freedom to do everything we want . iv. The belief that behavior is caused by a person’s independent decision is known as free will. v.
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Chapter1 - Chapter 1 What is Psychology Module 1.1 1 What a...

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