PSYCHOLOGY CHAPTER - PSYCHOLOGY CHAPTER 3 STUDY GUIDE BY MATT KENDRA Both nature your genes and nurture your life history is equally important

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PSYCHOLOGY CHAPTER 3 STUDY GUIDE BY MATT KENDRA Both nature – your genes, and nurture – your life history, is equally important. Nucleus contains chromosomes which contain DNA which contain genes – ranging from 50mil-250mil. 99.9% match gene sequence of other humans. Genome – complete instructions for makeup – contains 3 billion letters. Foxes – domesticated by natural selection – best adaptable to environment around you. Evolutionary psychologists – study behavior and mind by natural selection. Largest of gender differences is in sexuality. Models’ waists are a third skinnier than hips. Erotic plasticity – women’s sexual drive and interest more diverse than men’s. Identical twins – same fertilized egg that splits in two – genetically identical. Much more similar than fraternal. Fraternal Twins – different egg, no similar than regular siblings. Jim’s Twins – Lewis and Springer – separated identical twins at birth. Adoption
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