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lo11 - PH 1110 A Term 2007 Lecture 11 Kinematics Dynamics...

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PH 1110, A Term 2007, Lecture 11 Kinematics Dynamics Energy Momentum and Impulse Last time: 1. Behavior of spring and elastic band (Lab 6) 2. Potentials (from conservative forces) 3. Conservation of (mechanical) energy, www.youtube.com 4. Bowling ball freak accident, www.youtube.com This time: 1. Definitions of momentum and impulse, with examples 2. Lab stuff, puzzlers, www.youtube.com
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Lab clarifications 1. If you are finding that reading the lab instructions ahead of time does not give you enough preparation for lab, ask your section instructor to spend a few minutes discussing labs during each conference. 2. You must do the lab work yourself or with a partner. Although you and
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