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3-79 - 79 and Plum the probability that A is always ahead...

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Unformatted text preview: 79 and Plum the probability that A is always ahead. Com- PIII-ing Pom by conditioning on the firs: vote received yields :1 Pun = n+an-lJn' But as P = o -m[n+m. we have and so the desired probability is Q -n-l-l-m This also can be solved by conditioning on who obtains tbehstvotei‘hisresultsio therecorsion n m Qua: = n+on-1Jn + n+an.m-1‘ which can be solved to yield q_o+l-1n InussupposeJukeepictureofthe umbeforeeech renown ofaball. Hutheeodoftbeeaqaefiment welook a thee picture in reverse order (i.e.. look at the last taken picture fist). wewillseeeset ofballs inueasingu 83 ...
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