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ANT 2 Visual Anthropology: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology through Film and Image Anthropology (ān'thro-pŏl'o-jē) n. the study of the nature and culture of human beings as they have existed, now  exist, or are yet to exist. Film (fĭlm) n. a strip of transparent material, usually cellulose triacetate, covered with a photographic emulsion  and perforated along one or both edges, intended for the recording, reproduction, and projection of images.  Also refers to the collective group of works made from film and, by extension, to works of video, digital moving  images, or further developments in the technology of imaging yet to exist. This introduction to cultural anthropology specializes in the field of visual and media anthropology, and is an introduction to the culture concept and its application to thinking of the human animal as integrated into a technological environment of its own creation. Unlike, say, a physics course designed for non-majors to fulfill graduation requirements, this ANT 2 course is an actual introduction to real anthropological scholarship, but is also designed to allow those who take it as non-majors to do well without having to deal with the "technical physics" required of actual anthropology. However, all course participants should make note of the fact that ANT 2 also satisfies writing intensive requirements, and the course will be taught as such. Note: This syllabus is subject to change at any time. You must attend class for announcements about any changes to the  syllabus or to the website, and check the website regularly. Also note that for this class you are required to be able to  download and use .pdf .doc and mp3 audio files, as well as be able to negotiate multimedia internet content. High speed  downloads are available on campus connections. This is a basic prerequisite for the course and there are no exceptions.  Please see your TA for assistance. Finally, no late work or make-ups, and no final grades of incomplete, will be allowed  for any reason except for documented medical emergency. Sorry, this is the only way to be fair. This course seems particularly prone to plagiarism and other forms of cheating due to the course content that draws from  widely popular culture. We always seem to be catching students cheating in this course. Submitted work will be monitored  meticulously, especially for internet sources and submitting similar work to different TAs. Violating students will be  reported. To be fair, we always report students no matter the excuse, so don’t even try it. On the other hand, try to keep in  mind whether I am really such a hard grader and if it is really worth it to try and cheat, risking everything. 
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ANT_2_Winter_08_Syllabus - ANT 2 Visual Anthropology An...

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