lo4 - b MASH schedule is now online Sun-Thur evenings in...

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PH 1110, A Term 2007, Lecture 4 Vectors 1D: x, v x , a x Examples 3D: r , v , a circular motion Red = Study Guide 1 Exam 1, Wednesday Sept 5, calculators suggested Displacement, velocity, acceleration ( r , v , a) are vectors. What are the consequences? (Warm-up for circular motion) Projectile motion (baseballs, missiles, etc.)
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• Important points for this week 1. Summary HW1 is due tomorrow in conference. 2. Labs 1 and 2 are due at midnight of the day that they are scheduled. 3. You must write up lab worksheets individually. 4. Help a. Helpdesk (Physics Clinic), M-F during business hours, OH 118
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Unformatted text preview: b. MASH schedule is now online. Sun-Thur evenings in Daniels or OH 126 c. Office or Helpdesk hours of your Section Instructor d. Open Labs Tues-Thur evenings 7-9 pm e. Helpdesk hours of your Lab Instructor f. Your study group Puzzler: A bullet and a rock are shot and dropped at the same instant at the same height. The bullet is shot horizontally, and the rock is dropped vertically. Which one hits the ground first? 1. The bullet 2. The rock 3. Both at the same time...
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lo4 - b MASH schedule is now online Sun-Thur evenings in...

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